Nerve damage is a very common cause (or side effect) of disability, and for many paraplegic athletes, it is an ongoing challenge that needs to be fought wherever possible. Luckily, there are a few key health supplements on the market that have been scientifically shown to be of benefit to the human nervous system, helping to heal and nourish the nerves with continuous use. Here are a few of the most promising neuroprotective supplements available – but as always, be sure to check with your doctor before adding any new components to your approved health regime!

Ginkgo Biloba

According to experts, ginkgo extract has numerous abilities when it comes to treating pressure-independent risk factors for glaucomatous nerve damage and general neuropathy as well. The plant inhibits nitric oxide synthase and glutamate-excito toxicity, and also prevents lipid peroxidation of the membranes. It also protects mitochondria from ageing-related changes and boosts their ATP production, which could be useful for athletes who are looking for a healthy energy boost.


This powerful antioxidant is found most abundantly in red wine, and is implicated in the so-called French Paradox theory that the French’s wine consumption is responsible for their low rates of heart disease despite their saturated fat-rich diets.

This polyphenol is reportedly also beneficial for protecting the nerves, which could make it a beneficial therapy for those looking to regain nervous function or simply enjoy anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cardio- and neuroprotective effects. According to one scientific paper, resveratrol’s antiapoptotic activity may even make it useful in the quest to minimize oxidative injury in immune-compromised patients, as well as those with chronic degenerative diseases.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Initial studies have shown that omega 3 fish oil has the ability to improve the function of ganglion cells in rat models. Although this still needs to be fully proven in human patients, fish oil also has a slew of other benefits to offer, including lowering inflammation and risk of heart disease, promoting stable blood sugar levels, and controlling other chronic conditions that produce pain, swelling and neuropathy.

For disabled athletes who suffer from pain, arthritis or even gout in their joints (or are battling to play their favourite real money pokies Australia as a result) this supplement comes highly recommended to soothe the affected areas and keep them supple in all kinds of conditions, climates and states of usage.

Co-Enzyme Q10

This naturally occurring enzyme has been found to play a crucial role in metabolic function, and taking it as a supplement seems to promote better function of all human tissues – including nervous tissues. According to scientists, CoQ10 facilitates the body’s replacement of vital neural cells, and even has the power to prevent apoptosis (cell death) in ganglion cells subjected to ischemia.

Ultimately, scientists have concluded that more research is needed as to how these supplements really work in humans, and of course, whether or not they would have notable benefits for paraplegic or disabled individuals. However, considering their many other health-boosting advantages, these extracts could offer the power to boost your general overall wellbeing, while facilitating better mobility, physical performance and longevity in whoever takes them consistently over time.