Sports for Disabled People

Paralympics is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of disabled sports, but anyone with disabilities can take part in sports, you do not need to be an Olympian.  By using special equipment or by having someone who is specially trained will enable disabled people to enjoy various types of sports.

Frame Football

Frame Football designed by Cerebral Palsy Sport was developed and released in 2013.  This frame is for children who do not need a wheelchair, but are unable to walk without assistance.  These frames can also be used to help children get around easier.  Frame Football has been tried and tested and has been tested by various coaches, specialists, physiotherapists and even football players themselves.

Volley Ball

Volley Ball is a popular game and much like best online slots Canada, it is played at a fast pace; sitting volleyball allows disabled people to enjoy it as well.  Sitting volleyball can be played using the normal rules or you can modify the rules for each player.  Players must be seated and the game is played using a shorter net and the court is smaller.  At least one buttock must have contact with the floor each time the player touches the ball. The serving team can be allowed extra taps, more hits may be allowed or the same player can hit the ball multiple times.


Modified bicycles enables the disabled to take part in cycling and the best modified cycle is a tricycle as it has the best stability and can also be modified to include special seats and handlebars.  For those who are not able to pedal or be in an upright position there is the option of pedalling using hands while being seated or reclining.  For those who are vision or hearing impaired a tandem bicycle is a great option.


Golf can be played either standing or sitting and making use of adaptive golf carts will enable the disabled with stability when swinging the club.  There are various golf clinics where disabled people such as those who have lost limbs, are paralysed, or are sight or hearing impaired can learn how to play using adaptive golfing equipment.


Skiing can be done sitting or standing and anyone with a disability can try skiing using adaptive equipment.  For those who are less strong, struggle with stability or coordination, a bucket seat on skis can be used known as mono-skis or bi-skis.  Outriggers, mini skis on the poles, can be used for stability and steering.  Skiing with assistance can be done using tethers and tandem skis where someone can assist with skiing.  A trained guide can help those that are visually impaired by calling out instructions.


Swimming for the disabled can include all the strokes and various distances.  Those with all kinds of disabilities, such as vision and hearing impaired, cognitive and physical challenges can enjoy this activity.  Swimming does not rely on adaptive equipment so is easily accessible for anyone.