How To Improve Heart Health

The heart is a muscle that works from the day we’re born to the day we die. It’s one of the hardiest organs in the body, working non-stop for decades, and it’s important to try and keep the heart at […]

The Top Women in Paralympic Sport

As much as we might want to believe otherwise, when it comes to considering and including those with disabilities, society falls shamefully short. We are ignorant of the everyday hurdles that those with disabilities have to face as beyond the […]

What Is The Best Time To Exercise?

Carving out time to exercise may be challenging. The most important thing that you need to do is to squeeze in any amount of exercise whenever you can. However, if you want to optimise your workouts in order to get […]

Maximise Your Workouts by Eating Properly

Knowing when to eat and what to eat can have huge implications for the efficacy of your workouts. You need to understand the strong tie between eating and exercise and how they are part-and-parcel of maintaining yourself at your physical […]

The Value Of Good Nutrition For Athletes

An athlete’s body – whether they be disabled or able-bodied – is like a car. It needs high-quality fuel in order to run properly and perform at it’s optimum. While fuel for a car is either petrol or diesel, fuel […]

Foods With High Antioxidant Counts

Nutritional science has come a long way in the last two hundred years; where once many young sailors and soldiers died of scurvy, we now know that it was a lack of Vitamin D. But this is only the tip […]

Inflammation And Its Role In Health

We often hear about inflammation, and it’s a topic that has gained some notoriety in the last few years as we’ve learned more about it. But we simply don’t put enough focus on how important inflammation is when it comes […]